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TASI Group Acquires Sierra Instruments



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Wakefield, MA (May 3, 2019) – As we projected in our last Flash Report, TASI Group has indeed immediately followed its acquisition of Onicon with another acquisition of similar significance.  Flow Research has learned today that TASI Group is also acquiring Sierra Instruments of Monterrey, California.  A major player in flow measurement and control for over 40 years, Sierra Instruments designs and manufactures fluid flow measurement and control solutions for customers spanning global industries as diverse as scientific research, oil & gas, energy management, semiconductor, clean energy, aerospace, and biotech.  This pattern of doing acquisitions in pairs follows a pattern originally established by Onicon.

Sierra Instruments

Sierra was founded in 1971 in Minnesota by Dr. John G. Olin, PhD, as a manufacturer of environmental instruments.  In 1983, the company sold its environmental division to Anderson Samplers in Atlanta, Georgia, and shifted its full focus to producing an extensive line of thermal mass flowmeters and controllers for industrial use.  In 1997, Sierra was the first to introduce a line of multivariable vortex meters (Innova-Mass®) and, in 2005, introduced its line of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters (Innova-Sonic).  A global company, Sierra maintains offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, and a network of representatives in many countries.

Sierra Instruments operates two divisions, flow measurement and automotive test.  The flow measurement division designs, manufactures and markets flow instruments to cover almost all gases, liquids and steam applications.  This includes a wide range of thermal mass flow controllers, insertion and inline thermal mass flowmeters, as well as industrial multivariable vortex meters, transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters, and gas flow calibration systems.

Sierra also operates an Engine Emissions Testing Systems Group (www.sierraemissions.com) in Michigan.  This facility’s mission is to assist in the analysis of particulate emissions from engines using gasoline, diesel, or natural gas.

What It Means

The TASI Flow business segment offers five flowmeter technologies that include Coriolis, positive displacement (spur gear, helical and rotary piston), turbine & paddlewheel, variable area, and mass flow controllers.  Sales and services are provided with a focus on the following markets: oil & gas, fuel measurement, power generation, process, petrochemical, general industrial, automotive, medical, and life sciences.  TASI Flow has extensive distribution channels focused on specific markets, processes, and applications.

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